Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Our donation to People in Need, Inc

The OWU mascot, The Battling Bishop, is very happy about the donation that Loretta Zedella of Yoga Outreach Columbus offered to Randy Bournique of People In Need, Inc., PIN. The $1000 donation enables PIN to distribute over 600 meals this holiday season. THANK YOU for making this possible. Our charitable yoga gathering benefits many! #yogaoutreachcolumbus #charitable #asseenincolumbus #delawareohio #generousyogis — with Battling Bishop and Loretta Zedella .

Thanks, generous yogis

Yoga Outreach Columbus salutes central Ohio yogis. Our annual charitable gathering allows us to celebrate yoga and to donate to three great charities, two local and one national.
Thanks for joining us on Facebook where these photos from 2014 gathering have been featured.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Thank you!

THANK YOU for joining us at Yoga Outreach Columbus 2014! What a wonderful day we enjoyed together. We'll be posting photos for days of our hugely successful fundraising event! **Please leave us a comment if you were there. Thank you to each person who joined us on the yoga mat. Thanks to sponsors, teachers, musicians, chef, volunteers, --everyone! Check our Facebook page for many more photos. Do you have some for us?  Send them to YogaOutreach over at Hotmail.com. Thank you!

 We've been posting photos such as these to Facebook the past few months. Seems we forgot to post them here, friends!

Thank you, Central Ohio Yoga Community!

Thank you to each of the Yoga Outreach Columbus 2014 volunteers who are each thanked on this our official program included in each gift bag. Thanks to the vision of
Loretta Zedella - Reveal Ease: Alignment and Yoga and all who cooperated so gracefully. This image was also featured on one of our posters displayed yesterday. Thanks to each of our sponsors. We are still counting the donations that total over $3000!
Thanks to our teachers: Abby Dorn, Gina Derry, Anne Comarda, Molly Muth, Julia Sims-Haas, Chan Hemintranont, Loretta Zedella - Reveal Ease: Alignment and Yoga, and Babajide Ogunmola. Thanks for the beautiful live music Bhakti Mamas, tasty lunch recipes The Duke of Fork and our host Ohio Wesleyan University.

Special Thanks to our sponsors:  Beverly A Campbell - Healthy ColumbusYoga, Center for Wholeness, Grow Yoga, PAI Yoga & Fitness, Reden Yoga, Balanced Yoga, Seven Studios, Harbor Yoga, Nurture Yoga.Village Yoga, GoYoga, A Place To Call Om, SamYoga Institute, Yoga on High, Bikram Hot Yoga Columbus, All Life Center for Integrative Well Being, Bhakti Mamas, Studio79 Photography, The Duke of Fork, Mary Coleman Wellness.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Meeting on Sunday

This is the Hamilton Williams building where we will meet Sunday.
The bright green roof is quite visible from the street.
Directions to Yoga Outreach on Ohio Wesleyan University Campus.
For navigation systems Delaware, Ohio 43015.
Address of building 40 Rowland Ave. As you can see on the map, this street is foot traffic only.
Address of building near parking lot is near 60 South Sandusky Street, turn west onto Spring Street to parking lot. Or park on Park Ave. Feel free to park in teacher lots on Sunday.
Yes, tickets are still for sale!. They go up in price $5 tomorrow, but are available online through the link below or at right..

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Chan Hemintranont joins the teaching team

Chan Hemintranont, the owner of PAI Yoga & Fitness joins the other six Yoga Outreach Columbus 2014 teachers.

Thanks to all who have volunteered time to help us with this charitable yoga gathering. Tickets are available at yoga studios through Friday. Buy your tickets online or in person. If tickets are available day of class they are $30 and $25 for students. Save $5 by purchasing at a yoga studio in the next few days. Thanks to the supporting yoga studios who also sell tickets: Grow Yoga, PAI Yoga & Fitness, Yoga on High, Balanced Yoga, Center for Wholeness, Seven Studios, Harbor Yoga, Nurture Yoga, Village Yoga, A Place To Call Om, All Life Center for Integrative Well Being, Bikram Hot Yoga Columbus, Reden Yoga, ShivaShakti Synthesis, and GoYoga.

We'd also like to thank some non-yoga studio supporters:  
Lunch recipes provided by: The Duke of Fork,  
Photos captured by: Studio79 Photography
Music provided by: Bhakti Mamas,  
Tea provided by: TehKu Tea,  
Promotion by: Natural Awakenings,
Thewolfenet.com for hosting our online ticket sales as well as the Molly Muth for updating our XL sheet. Mary Coleman Wellness, Bev Campbell and our founder Loretta Zedella. Online sales are just one dollar more and available here:


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Yoga Outreach 2014 on week from today!

Thanks to all who have helped to make this charitable yoga class and gathering possible!

We have added one more teacher to our already incredible team! Can you guess who it is? HINT: She recently completed some underwater yoga poses.